LA8 T1 + T2 + T3

Configuration for three sided enclosure - Sliding door and 2 side panels


For bespoke dimensions, the price to use for calculation is the lower base price
Bespoke dimensions from cm to cm - Width : + 20% (only doors and side panels)
Bespoke dimensions from cm to cm - Height : + 40% (also for Height + Width)

The special price only applies to the single side or multiple sides with the special measurements (also to profile kit)
PLEASE NOTE: Clamps and accessories are always chrome whatever the profile finish


Always specify the version of the articles DX (Right Hand) or SX (Left Hand) (the version refers to the side of entry). The T3 side panel matching the closing side of the door always keeps the same version of the T2 door, while the T1 side panel is always the opposite

ALWAYS OPTIONAL - Only on order

All Box Docce 2B prices are inclusive of VAT